Super Charged Boat Wash

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Our patent pending Boat Wash formula was developed to give your Boat, RV, ATV and Vehicles a quality wash all while destroying Odors and Bacteria inside and outside of your boat with no extra steps or applications. This formula was developed based on a need in the fishing industry and we worked side by side with some of the best fishing guides and fishing outfitters in North America! 


  • 16oz Concentrated Biodegradable Boat Wash
  • Kills Bacteria In Livewell like Ranavirus 
  • kills 360 Kinds of bactera
  • 4 Boat, RV or Car Washes Per 16oz. Bag
  • UV Protection 
  • Kills and Absorbs All Odors and Bacteria, Mildew, Salt, Oil, Grease and Grime build-up
  • All Organic Ingredients!!!
  • No Chemicals!!!
  • Virus and Bacteria Killing Power Equivalent
  • Bleach!
  • Quick Dry Self Polymer 


Mixing Ratio:

4 OZ Concentrated Boat Wash to 5 Gallons of Water. 

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