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Predator Death Grip

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Predators Death Grip

  • Authentic Coyote, Bobcat, Fox and other fur bearing animals
  • Infused 70/30 Coyote, Bobcat and Fox Urine that are infused with glands, and many natural musks and scents
  • Long lasting and weather resilient 
  • Gland oil, Urine and Food based
  • Freeze Proof!!!
  • Great for Trapping

Gary Robersons go to Lure on Carnivore TV for Coyotes!!! Our Predators Death Grip is 70/30 blend of Coyote, Bobcat and Fox Urine that are infused with gland oil/pheromones!!! 

This all-predator lure is put up in a long-lasting, all weather, freeze-proof oil and urine base for superior scent dispersion. 

Warning: Do Not Get On Apparel! 

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