Multus Deer Drag - Texas Raised Hunting Products
Multus Deer Drag - Texas Raised Hunting Products
Multus Deer Drag - Texas Raised Hunting Products

Multus Deer Drag

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Perfect Deer Drag, Deer Handle, Handle a Deer, Deer Drag


U.S. Patent #10,131,499

"The Perfect Deer Drag!" A deer drag is a handy tool for the sportsman and the successful hunter.  Multus has created the most useful and versatile deer handle in the world. 



"I never realized a tool so simple would be so helpful." 

"I never thought I needed it.  It made the work dragging so much easier, I will not hunt without it."

"Great idea and very useful.  I find myself using it all the time."

Hunters can combine several units for dragging larger loads and can be used as a small game carrier.  The orange handle and orange reflective strap improves safety and you can find easier in the dark.  The deer handle allows the best way to drag a deer.  The deer strap attaches and detaches easily to haul deer quick and easy.

•   Multi-purpose drag handle
•   Quick attach & release
•   Easy to use removable locking peg
•   Compact-reusable
•   400 lb. capacity
•   Ultra-light
•   Durable, non-toxic and weighs approximately 3 ounces
•   Combine several units to drag larger loads

The multipurpose drag handle can be used to carry or drag turkeys, rabbits, geese, wild hogs, bears, alligators, ducks and much more.  

The Multus Deer Drag is made of a closed looped orange handle that has a locking removable peg, and the plastic handle is attached to a 46" length, 5/8" width safety, reflective, orange nylon webbing.  There is a 3 inch fixed loop on one end and a 6 inch fixed loop on the opposite end of the reflective nylon webbing.  The nylon webbing is double box stitched on both ends to improve strength for lifting heavy weights.  The handle to drag easily slips through the loop opposite the handle to secure and pull.  Carabiners, hooks, and drag ropes can be added to make the best drag system.

Caution:  Do not use in overhead applications nor to secure human weight.

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