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Inflame Sow Seduction

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Inflame Sow Seduction

  • Pure Authentic 70/30 Sow In Heat Urine, Tinicure and Sex Pheromones 
  • Weather resilient NO FREEZE
  • Guaranteed to work!!! 

Our Inflamed Sow Seduction is 70% of the freshest sow in heat urine and 30% authentic liquid tinctured sow sex gland pheromones.  This hog lure is loaded with physical and sexual, communicational and attractive to both boar and sow hogs in your area. Also in a long lasting weather resilient!!!

How To Use:

Use in man-made or existing hog rubs, Scent wicks, Refill for the Inflame Sow Seduction Scent & Wick Can and as a remover when live-trapping hogs.  


Warning: Do not apply to clothing or apparel

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