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Inflame Doe Estrus Scent & Wick Can With (Wick Refresher)

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Inflame Doe Estrus Scent & Wick Can With ( Wick Refresher)



  • Only Deer Scents Ever Approved By: Larry Weishuhn AKA Mr. Whitetail!!!
  • Pre Infused Inflame Doe Estrous Scent Wick With Adjustable Scent Release Ventilated Top
  • Whitetail Deer Passion Induced Communication Scent
  • 100% Authentic Deer Gland Oil and Pheromone Infused Deer Scent/
  • Refillable Wick Refresher/
  • Weather resilient NO FREEZE Guaranteed To Work For A Month

Comes With The Following:

  • 2 oz Inflame Doe Estrous Scent & Wick Can
  • 1 oz Inflame Doe Estrous Bottle (Wick Refresher)




Patent Formulated Collection Process two weeks prior to peak of the estrus cycle our Inflame Doe Estrous packages give you One of our Inflame Doe Estrous Scent & Wick Cans and One of the 1 oz spray bottles of Inflame Doe Estrous. The 1 oz bottle is use for a Wick refresher. After a few weeks use the bottle of Inflame Doe Estrous and spray the wick located inside the can 5-6 times to infuse and refresh the wick for many more uses! This can and bottle will last you easily a month but depends on the hunter which some like to spray the wick every week and some will spray it every hunt. Either way the can will last you 30 days before I would throw it away since by then the wick won’t absorb the Lure. The other cool thing about this is if you don’t hunt a private property and hunt public land, you can close the vent on the can lid and pack it out not leaving it for someone else to utilize. If you hunt a lease or ranch of your own you can leave the can out  keeping the Pheromones in your area. This will result into keeping more deer in your location but not just more deer more does and more of the bucks you want to keep in your area. This will also help stimulate the Bucks and Doe into Rut allowing you to learn their patterns!!!  



Do not spray on clothing or gear YOU WILL BE ATTACKED!!! Texas Raised Hunting Products, are not liable of any one being attacked when using our products In ways we have not approved of.

Shake Well: Before Each Application!!!



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