Communicating With Big Bucks

We are not your same old deer scent company that everyone thinks we are, "we are better." This is a video done by Shield Outdoors on Mock Scrapes.

Scrape Kings Kingdom

Newest and most effective way to make mock scrapes using our Scrape King Buck DNA Scent & Wick Cans. Click on the link below to view the footage!!!

How To Make A Deer Licking Stick

Get your does on a pattern, and the buck will follow! Outstanding technique with awesome results!


"Speak The Language" Every Day Is Deer Season!!!

Shield Outdoors showing how to use our scents when making a mock scrape for guaranteed 365 days a year reposnse. When using our scents everyday is deer season!!! "Speak The Language"


How To Drive More Deer Traffic To Your Game Cameras

Check out the video we received from Shield Outdoors personal experiences and real results when using Texas Raised Hunting Products! We do not approve and will not approve of false advertisement. These are true real-life experiences  behind our products. 

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