Our Story

Vegetation - Our Story

My passion for the outdoors began at a very early age. My Dad would take me hunting with him to his deer blind teaching me everything he knew about this beloved sport. We spent long hours in the bitter cold waiting for the sun to rise, while watching the shooting stars in a crisp clear sky. Although too dark to see, I learned to listen to the animals walking and eating as they are just shadow figures before day break.; I listened to the wild turkeys flap their wings and gobble as they left their roost in search of food and water. I observed everything my dad did and took in all his wisdom, passion and love for the sport. I realized that moment that hunting was much bigger than just killing a trophy and the actual hunting part was just a bonus of what hunting was really all about. These special moments put a fire in my soul to make a living in the hunting industry. Hunting brought me and my dad closer and closer, as now he is my best friend.

Now, twenty-five years later the love and passion is still  as strong and both of our dreams came true by opening our own hunting scents and products. Our company is Texas Raised Hunting Products. Our Company name is symbolic to all hunters raised hunting, not just Texas based hunters. Our main focus is to provide quality products that hunters as ourselves can rely on, even if it costs us a little more to produce.

Our scents are the best in the industry hands down with 100 % pure urine, gland oil and all the authentic hormonal, curiosity and passion scents. We blend  and bottle ourselves to create all our different scents & lures, attraction and cover-up scents. We are not in this to chase money, we are in this to chase our dreams and do what we love. I was blessed by God to be able to do something like this with my dad, family and friends for a living.

Our primary focus is on the hunters in which we will only sell quality products that work and we believe in. We are not in this business to cut any corners just to make an extra dollar. Our products work! We understand we are a small company but our love, passion driven mentality and treating our customers like family is what will set us apart from others in the industry.

Take a look at our products and see for yourselves. We believe you will see the quality and love we put into this. Once you try them, I guarantee you will be back for more. Thanks for your business, and we welcome you to our family!

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