Rut Sidekick Package - Texas Raised Hunting Products
Rut Sidekick Package - Texas Raised Hunting Products

Rut Sidekick Package

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 Rut Sidekick Package

  • 1 oz. Inflame Doe Estrus Urine
  • 1 oz. Buck Urine Tarsal Passion


Our Inflamed Doe Estrus Urine is blended with authentic doe's hormonal passion scents of vaginal and tarsal glands Shake Well: Our Inflame Doe Estrous Urine, is collected from one hot doe to one bottle a month early which this is when the collection time is at its peak. Our estrous urine is the best in the industry hands down, don't believe well i guess you just have to try it. We uniquely developed and designed it to be weather resistant and won't freeze in the coldest of temperatures, which helps for if you hunt up north. By adding a combination blend of anal, vaginal and tarsal gland scent to insure hunters receive a estrous urine they can rely on.  Apply on: Hanging scent wicks, drag-line, on mock rub scrape or ground scrapes and scent dispenser


 Buck Urine Tarsal Passion is a quality blend between our Dominant Buck Urine, Buck Tarsal Gland, and Authentic Passion induced scents. Great for creating the illusion of a traveling buck in another bucks territory during the rut.

Shake Well: Apply on authentic tree scrapes and ground scrapes, mock scrape, drag-lines, scent wicks or scent dispensers.

Most Effective During:

  • Rut


    Do not spray on clothing or gear YOU WILL BE ATTACKED!!! Texas Raised Hunting Products, are not liable of any one being attacked when using our products In ways we have not approved of.

    Shake Well:Before Each Application!!!

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