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Dominate Buck Urine

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Dominate Buck Urine Tarsal Passion 

  • Dominant buck urine infused with authentic Tarsal gland/pheromone oil and authentic passion induced scents
  • Weather resilient and NO FREEZE
  • 10 Year Shelf Life 
  • 100% All Authentic 

Dominate Buck Urine Tarsal Passion is a quality blend between our Dominant Buck Urine, Buck Tarsal Gland, and Authentic Passion induced deer scents. Great for creating the illusion of a traveling buck in another bucks territory during the rut.

Shake Well: Apply on authentic tree scrapes and ground scrapes, mock scrape, drag-lines, scent wicks or scent dispensers.


Most Effective During:



Do not spray on clothing or gear YOU WILL BE ATTACKED!!! Texas Raised Hunting Products, are not liable of any one being attacked when using our products In ways we have not approved of.

Shake Well:Before Each Application!!!

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