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Scrape King

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Scrape King 

  • Weather resilient and No FREEZE
  • 10 year Shelf Life
  • #1 Dominate Buck Stimulation
  • Scrape Enhancer   
  • Guaranteed to work!!!
  • Made In The USA
  • Approved By Larry Weishuhn AKA Mr. Whitetail!!!

Shake Well: 

Our authentic superior blend of Breeding Buck in Heat Urine, Doe Inflame Estrous Urine, Vaginal Extracts, Tarsal Gland and Interdigital Gland. Designed to be weather resilient and No freeze developed product even in the coldest of temperatures. This royal blend of authentic deer scents and urine was developed to stimulate dominate bucks and create the illusion of a dominant buck and a mature breeding doe all in the same bottle!!!

Apply on: Scrape enhancer, mock ground scrapes, tree mock scrapes/rubs, hanging scent wicks or dispenser and during calling situation.

Warning: Do not apply to clothing or apparel

Most Effective To Of Use:

  • Pre-Rut
  • Rut
  • Late Season


Do not spray on clothing or gear YOU WILL BE ATTACKED!!! Texas Raised Hunting Products, are not liable of any one being attacked when using our products In ways we have not approved of.

Shake Well:Before Each Application!!!

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