Scent Guardian+Plus Cover and Scent Eliminator - Texas Raised Hunting Products
Scent Guardian+Plus Cover and Scent Eliminator - Texas Raised Hunting Products
Scent Guardian+Plus Cover and Scent Eliminator - Texas Raised Hunting Products

Scent Guardian+Plus Cover and Scent Eliminator

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The Scent Guardian + Plus Scent Eliminator

(Please use your heads a little if you do not have Cedar In your area or areas you hunt use the Scent Guardian No Scent)

*Use No Scent Instead!!!

  • Approved by: Mr. Whitetail, Gary Roberson, Luke Clayton and Alex Rutledge. 
  • Formula Patent and Trademarked!!!
  • Electrically Charged Guardian Coverage & Ozone Infused Scent Eliminator
  • 99.9% Guarantee You Will Never Get Winded Again!!!
  • First Liquid That Controls EMF A.K.A Electro Magnetic Frequencies!!!
  • 3,000 Times more effective then bleach!!!
  • 10,000 SQFT Odor Absorbing Power!!!
  • Kills 24 Different Bacterial Viruses 
  • Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory and Antiviral Properties!!!
  • Fights Off Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogene
  • Fights Off Bacterial Infections Antibiotic Properties Like Amoxicillin
  • Invented and Manufactured  In The USA!!! 


Never play the wind again!!! We guarantee you will never get winded again when using this product. The Scent Guardian + Plus is our newly developed patent designed formula and process for Human Scent & Odor Elimiamtion. We have spent years of field testing and critiquing to perfection to make this Odor Eliminator, the best in the industry has seen today. What's unique about the Scent Guardian, we wanted a Odor Eliminator that not only kills foreign odors on contact when applied to your body but stays active to kill odors as your body produces them and long after. By adding our patent secret formula and process the Scent Guardian uses magnetic properties and absorption power killing bacteria, fungi, viruses, odor molecules, bleach, cigarette smoke, camp fire smoke, gasoline, ammonia, fragrance perfume, rotten odor smell on animal hides, skull mounts, velvet on horns and more. This makes the Scent Guardian + Plus extremely effective for bow hunters when wind direction can make for break a Hunters sucess until now. This formula will allow you to never play the wind again and hunt those tree stands you wanted to hunted no matter the wind direction!!! Most  products on the market today are just made to eliminate odors on contact and forget about how much our bodies produce odors while we are hunting. This product is symbolic to its name and truly is a hunter’s scent guardian angel,  that will actively protect him or her in the woods at all times not sometimes. We want you to put this product to the test and see for yourself and don't just take our word for it!!!

We would love to here from you about your experience using the Scent Guardian so please leave your story by clicking on “Write a Review” we appreciate you supporting TRHP!!!


Scent Guardian Product Review

“I finely got back from my Colorado Elk hunts. I could not of done it without the great help I have working with me. Thank you all very much. As you all know I have been testing a new product called scent guardian made by Texas Raised Hunting Products. All I can say is wow. This product really does what the manafacture says it will do. Wind has always been a problem in the mountains where I hunt that is until now. I had bear, mule deer,elk and cougar all within 10 yards of me and they never knew i was there. Not only is it the best scent eliminator but it also stops all electrical impulses from getting to the animals. If you have never tried it you need to do your self a favor and get you a bottle of this stuff! Every time you use it you will gain more confidence until your like me and it is all you will use. I am to the point that if I run out I just wont go.“

~Larry Large

Owner L&L Outfitters 


  • SHAKE WELL: Apply Scent Guardian + Plus  before  entering your hunting area, after sweating in your hunting clothes, tree stands, tower blinds, ground blinds or if and when you come in contact with smoke from campfires.

    Most Effective Time Of Use:

    Year Around

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