Deer Scents Done Right

As we know there is a lot of competition that we are up against in this industry and most hunters want to know what makes our deer scents better? Well let me start off by saying the majority of the deer urine companies out on the market today advertise that they have the best deer scent and are 100% Pure Urine collected from one deer to one bottle? That’s great and all but what if I told you that 100% pure urine, buck or doe by itself is has little if no effect on communicating or luring whitetail deer. Pure deer urine without glands present is no more than a calming scent to them. Deer urine is water based and once it is exposed to oxygen the clock starts ticking on the overall quality and spoilage rapidly starts to kick in. Do you ever ask yourself "I wonder how whitetail deer communicate with each other?" Whitetail communicate by glands and these glands play a major role in their everyday life for communication, passion, aggression, marking territory, direction and overall survival. Texas Raised Hunting Products scents contain 100% authentic Buck or Doe urine that we blend together with our extracted deer glands, to formulate different scent combinations that deer use everyday in the wild to communicate with each other. Our scents contain roughly three times the scent molecules found in deer urine. These scent molecules produce the natural scent pheromones deer naturally use to respond to one another in the wild. Unlike 100% pure deer urine Texas Raised Hunting Products scents, lures, attractants and scent eliminators also contains an odorless food grade glycerin which has a sweet taste that animals actually like. The glycerin actually helps preserve and prevent spoilage to insure we lock in the natural scents freshness longer. This also helps slow down the process of evaporation and freeze proofs the products which ultimately allows our products to give off more scent in warm or cold temperatures with a shelf life up to 10 years!!! Hunters ask, which one of my scents is my favorite? Honestly, they all have proven attractive to whitetail all over the country all depends on the situation and what message or illusion your trying to present to the deer. Whitetail deer use their interdigital hoof glands as communication for bucks or does to let other deer know “where I am, where I was, and where I am going.” Preorbital gland is from the forehead, preorbital eye gland, ear wax, nasal gland and lip saliva they used year around to let other deer know who has been in their core traveling areas. Preorbital also is the most important and most natural scent they use on licking branches above mock and existing breeding buck scrapes. Buck and Doe tarsal glands are effective territorial and sexual identity markers for natural breeding and mock scrapes. Our deer scents are not like everyone else and rightfully so, that’s how we want it to be. Now that you know a little about our products, it should help you understand and appreciate how much thought and research has gone into developing North America's most powerful deer communication scents there is available on today’s market! We are hunters and want our fellow hunting community to be able and buy products that are not going to be a waste of time and hard-earned money. We hold our products effectiveness to a high standard and always looking for improvements every chance we get. Thanks for checking Texas Raised Hunting Products out and we hope you will try us out this season, God Bless!!!

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